The Gentlemen's Gift Guide

Ladies, we all know how hard it can be sometimes to shop for our men. They claim they are easy to shop for but most of the times we're left wondering what to get them. I personally like to find at least one thing that is fun and unique to get Brian for Christmas because we all know he doesn't need another Harley Davidson shirt or anything new for his guns (although he might tell you otherwise. Lol). So if you're in the same boat as me, don't stress! I have a whole list of unique items for your guy that he will love and show off to all of his friends. Enjoy! 

1. Barrel Aged Coffee. My husband loves coffee and he also loves whiskey so what better gift than whiskey barrel aged coffee? If your guy is the same then he will love this 3-pack from Coopers Coffee Company! 

2. Snapshot Flask. This camera flask is so fun and would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your photography loving guy. 

3. Amazon Echo.  Last year Brian's sister got us the Echo and we love it! We are able to play our music off of it and ask it questions, set timers, basically anything you want it to do. She will even tell you jokes if you ask! This is a perfect gift that everyone in the family will love, not just your guy. 

4. Yeti Duffle Bag. Guys love Yeti right now and this waterproof duffel bag will have him loving the brand even more. The Panga 50 duffel is an awesome gift for the outdoorsy dude in your life and Yeti describes it as "tough-as-nails, simple-as-rocks" just like your man. ;]  

5. Desktop Slingshot. Another stocking stuffer idea is the desktop slingshot. This is a fun little gift that I imagine would get more use than you might expect and would also look cool on his desk!

6. Beer Socks. Every guy loves beer and every one loves fun socks! So these beer socks are the perfect combo for the fun-loving guy in your life who likes to keep it light and lively with his outfits or even just for wearing around the house! There are plenty of designs to choose from to give the perfect pair this Christmas. 

7. iPhone X Case. A good friend of mine actually recommended this case to me. He owns one of them and said it has held up really well. To quote he also said  "the packaging is super dope too" which I think we can all appreciate nice packaging! The case even comes with a little blurb about the person that handcrafted the case for you. How cool is that!? 

8. Jack Daniels Sinatra Select. I bought a bottle of the Jack Daniels Sinatra Select for Brian a couple weeks after he proposed to me. He had given me a beautiful ring and so I wanted to spoil him with a surprise of his own and got him this whiskey to which he replied "what do you want? What did you do??" LOL can't a gal do something nice for her man every once in a while?? Anywho, he loved the whiskey and it got me a lot of cool points from his friends. This bottle goes down smoother than the original Old No. 7 and it's one you'll be proud to display on your bar cart. 

9. Streamlight Flashlight. Okay so I'll be honest with you on this one. Men love these Streamlight flashlights and I don't really get it but the working men love having one to carry around at work. They are extremely bright and durable and I know this model is on Brian's list this year. I also got one last year for my step dad and he loves it!

10. Fitbit Ionic. I am a huge fan of all Fitbit products. Personally, I own the Flex and the Blaze. The Ionic is their newest smart watch model geared towards men. The Ionic is a fitness tracker, watch, and all around awesome gadget to have! Especially if your guys new years resolution is to tone up.

11. Crosley Record Player. Last year Brian got one of these Crosley record players and he absolutely loves it. Records are in again and it's been fun to go to thrift shops looking for records of our favorite artists. This model is super cool looking and is sure to be a hit at Christmas!

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