Kids Gift Guide: Ages 5-8

Shopping for kids during the holidays is one of the most fun parts of an otherwise stressful situation. Personally, I get stressed out shopping for people because I worry if they will like what I've picked, or I'm just clueless as to what to get them in first place! But kids are easy to shop for. It's fun to see what new toys everyone wants and all the cute new things you wished you had as a kid. So to make shopping for the little ones in your life a little simpler, I made a gift guide geared at ages 5-8 with fun gender neutral gift ideas. You'll also notice I chose not to add any "tech" gifts on here. Let's face it, kids have their nose in a screen enough as is, let's get them something that will make them create their own fun! 

1. Retro Candyland: Candyland was always one of my favorite board games when I was little and this retro version is fun for parents and kids alike!  

2. Ice Cream Set: I mean come on. Why didn't they have something this adorable when we were little?? 

3. Hot Cocoa Set: How cute is this hot chocolate set? I can imagine little kids "serving" this Christmas night while the family watches Christmas movies. 

4. LOL Surprise Ball: So I do not have any kids of my own, but these LOL Surprise Balls are really popular from what I've read online! Basically the kids open up the ball and there are little toys inside and they won't know what they get until they open it. Keep in mind also from what I've read, the toys don't change, so I don't recommend you buy more than 1 per child as they will end up getting the same toys. 

5. Mini Piano: For the future Beethoven in your family! This baby grand piano is so cute and the review says "[it] is perfect for children in between the toddler and pre-teen ages...The width of the keys promotes proper finger placement in budding musicians, creating an excellent foundation for the transition to an adult, 88-key piano".

6. Yeti In My Spaghetti Game: I'll be honest with you, I know nothing about this game, but the title was hilarious so I had to include it! LOL

7. Festive PJ's: Super cute pj's you'll want to give the kids the night before so they wear them Christmas morning! Shop the collection for everyone in your family (including your dogs!) here

8. Work Bench: For the future fixer upper in your family! This wooden work bench is awesome and will keep your little builder busy for hours. 

9. Baking Set: I just love this set... those cookies look good enough to eat!

10. Teepee: This is one of those things I wish I had as a kid! How adorable is this teepee? I mean think of the possibilities? They can have a camp out in it. Hang out and read, their imaginations will run wild with this adorable teepee. 

11. Dollhouse: This is probably one of the cutest dollhouses I've ever seen. lol I love the vintage feel to it and it is cute enough you'd love to have it out on display at all times! That's a win-win in my book! 


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