The Makeup Maven's Gift Guide

Okay so this might be the most fun gift guide yet!! Keeping the girly trend going I am getting a little more specific and doing makeup themed gifts! I know you've all been looking forward to this one and if you follow me on Instagram you'll know that this edition has been highly anticipated! I always appreciate your feedback! All of these items are amazing and sure to wow the makeup gal (or guy!) in your life! I know I'll take one of each, plz. 

1. Brush Set. This rose gold set is almost too beautiful to use! There is just something about a nice set of brushes that every makeup lover can appreciate. 

2. Vanity Mirror. The whole line of Impressions Vanity Mirrors is aaaamazing. You'll fall in love with the great lighting they provide and the cool modern look on your vanity.

3. Phone Case. Okay you guys this phone case has me SHOOK. It is literally a case with a makeup palette that has three compartments and a brush. I mean how cool is this!!? What a time to be alive... 

4. Marbled Sponge. A fun new take on the classic blending sponge! This marbled print is super chic.  

5. Lipstick Mug. How adorable is this lipstick mug? I love how simple and bold it is at the same time. 

6. Makeup Organizer.  A practical gift that I think we all could benefit from! I know I need one of these desperately for my bathroom...

7. Ring Light.  Have you ever wondered how those makeup bloggers you follow always have that cool halo effect on their eyes? They use a ring light! Ring lights are fun whether you're a pro or an amateur makeup artist and they help to give a more flawless look with the extra light. Win-win! 

8. Makeup T-Shirt. This. Shirt. I LOVE it. It's soo girly and simple and would look amazing with jeans or black leggings. You really could dress it up or down! Add a leather jacket too it to give it more of an edge. It's the perfect shirt! 

9. Farsali Elixir. Another favorite among beauty bloggers is the Farsali rose gold elixir. You may have seen it at the start of a lot of makeup tutorials. It's a 24k gold oil that goes on your clean skin before your makeup to give you a healthy looking glow. 

10. Sugar Glow Kit. I am a huge fan of the glow kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have the sunkissed version and I use it every day! Personally, I like these lighter colors better, so I think I need to snag this one for myself. hehe

11. Kate Spade Lipstick Scarf. This girly scarf is super cute and can really be worn all year round. And that's a scarf we all can appreciate. 


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