16 Beach Day Essentials You Need For Summer

So if you read my last post, you'd know that Brian and I are about to head out for vacation! We will be sailing on a catamaran for a week with his parents and siblings in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. (Stay tuned for a blog post about our trip when we get back!) So before we set sail, I wanted to share a post with you of some summer essentials for the perfect beach day! These are all items I like to bring to the beach with me to ensure my time by the ocean is relaxing as well as fun! Read below for sources as well as a list of the items and why I chose them!

  1. A cute and functional beach blanket! This one from Target is so simple but the fringe really adds some extra style!

  2. . I own these flip flops from Target and they were a great price and go with just about everything. They have a a handful of other colors to choose from as well!

  3. I'm obsessed with anything that has pom-poms and this hat from Target was too cute to pass up, it's perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes and protects your hair all while looking adorable!

  4. Sugar SPF Lip Tint protects your lips and gives them a pretty rosy hue. Get this at Sephora.

  5. A Frisbee is a fun way to pass the time and a favorite of my husbands so I always like to make sure we bring one to the beach! I found this one at Target for like $4!

  6. Sunglasses are a no brainer, find a cute pair like these tortoise shell sunnies from Target, they will go great with any suit!

  7. A big beach bag is crucial for lugging everything around, make sure to find a cute one like this from Target with the pom-poms and it can double as your purse as well!

  8. I have color treated hair so a leave in conditioner is a must for me. I like to protect my locks with a hat and a leave-in spray to ensure my hair doesn't get sun damage.

  9. SPF is the most important thing in your beach bag, be sure to get at least SPF 15 and reapply every hour or so. Your skin will thank you later!

  10. If you're like me and love a dark bronze look, you can add the Sun Bum dark tanning oil over the SPF for an extra dark tan. All Sun Bum products can be found on Amazon.

  11. Can't forget your water bottle! Best to stay hydrated when you're sitting outside in the sun all day. The print on this Swell bottle is so tropical and perfect for the beach, you can find it online at Amazon.

  12. A waterproof phone case is great to have around water so you don't have to worry about finding rice last minute if your phone does happen to fall in the pool after one too many drinks... lol find this pretty pink one on Amazon.

  13. A wireless speaker is another favorite of my husband and I. We love being able to listen to our tunes while we are playing Frisbee or laying out. Also available on Amazon.

  14. A Yeti cooler is a little pricey, but a great investment if you do a lot of outdoor adventuring. It keeps your beverages extra cold and to me, that's worth the extra money. Find all things Yeti on Amazon or at your local sporting goods store.

  15. A nice folding beach chair can be optional, sometimes I prefer laying in the sand, but some beaches have too many shells and so this folding chair will be a great addition to your beach essentials! This pretty orange one is on Amazon.

  16. .If Frissbee isn't your jam then maybe a volleyball with be! Get a group together or play one on one with a friend/significant other. There's nothing like a little competition on the beach with a game of sand volleyball! Find one on Amazon or at your local sporting goods store.


Thanks for checking out my post! I'll miss you all while I'm on vacation but I'll be back soon with more blog posts so stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe or leave me some comments for when I come back!