Mini Dinner Party For 2

The last couple weeks have been pretty hectic for Brian at work; he's been working long hours and still manages to come home in a good mood! (How lucky am I?) So I wanted to do something special for him and surprise him with a little dinner party for just us after work on our patio. This really was a last minute idea of mine so I put together a table setting for 2 on a whim before he got home from work. Below are some pictures of our mini dinner party and hopefully they will give you some inspiration for your own last minute dinner party for 2 for you and your significant other, or whoever in your life that is in need of a little pick me up! Enjoy! 

To give the table settings a little extra love I added a vase with some flowers (these are fake from TJ Maxx by the way!) and added some fresh cut lemons to our iced tea. It's small details like this that give a little extra something special.  I made sure to bring out anything we might need during our meal like the salt and pepper as well as a small dish with some butter. To bring a little ambiance outdoors, I used my iPad to play Pandora as we ate dinner. It's as simple as that to have an impromptu dinner party for two! Let me know in the comments below if you whip up a mini dinner party for yourself and your special someone and how it turned out! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!