How We Told Our Parents We Were Expecting

Brian and I first found our we were expecting on March 16th and with Easter being on April 1st this year I knew I wanted to do an Easter themed reveal for our parents. So I went to the Dollar Tree and found some cute mini baskets, plastic eggs, and some Easter grass. My plan was to put together these little baskets and fill the eggs with candies and have one egg, I chose the color yellow for the surprise egg, and had a little folded note inside that said: "We're eggspecting! Baby Clapp due November 2018". The baskets turned out super cute and because I went to the Dollar Tree I think the whole project for 3 baskets only ended up being around $15 or so? To fill the baskets a little more I added a small lamb or chick in the center. I got the chicks at the Target Dollar Spot and a 2 pack of lambs at TJ Maxx for $7. The picture above is the finished product and I think it all turned out so cute! It was simple and really set the tone for our Easter brunch! 

Did you share your pregnancy with your family in a fun way? I'd love to hear how you went about it in the comments below!