Home Office Update

So if you follow me on Instagram you'd know that it's taken me longer than expected to finish my office. There have been a few setbacks, like finding the right desk for a price I was comfortable with along with my husbands lack of motivation to finish the trim lol. The office is actually in our master bedroom loft so no one really sees it other than the 2 of us anyways so there really hasn't been an urgency to finish it and because of that I've been taking my time to find the right pieces. But it's so close to being completed that I thought I'd show you guys a little sneak peek of how it's coming along! 

Okay so that last pic has nothing to do with the office but peep those shoes! So cute! Had to share lol. But anywho, back to the office! Overall I am loving how girly the space is and how light and bright it feels up there. The main reason I liked the mirrored desk, other than being super glam, is because the loft is actually pretty small and the angled ceilings make it feel even smaller so the mirrors reflects a lot of light and makes the space feel bigger than it is! So  it's almost complete I just have a few more things on the to-do list but I'll be sure to share with you the full finished project hopefully later this fall! And if you love anything in my office I have provided a source list for your reference below! 


Mirrored Desk

Mirrored Console Table

Items from TJ Maxx:

rug, chairs, end table, flowers, accessories

Sequin Blanket

Pencil Holder