Week 40 Bumpdate

NOTE: I didn’t get to post this before giving birth but better late than never! lol

How am I only hours/days? away from meeting our baby boy?! It feels like just yesterday when we found out we were pregnant! For those of you following along on my pregnancy journey, I wanted to share another bumpdate with you because I know there are some other pregnant gals who read my blog and I know I always enjoy reading other peoples experience as well!  So I'll get right to it! 

How Big Is Baby? 

According to my apps, baby Clapp weighs around 7.6lbs, and is about 20.5in long, about the size of a watermelon! OMG. My belly is definitely big but he is still dancing up a storm in there! I like to think that he has happy feet just like his mama. ^_^ Sometimes his kicks are a little uncomfortable but for the most part I enjoy the reminders that he is thriving! He even has his own little schedule of when he likes to move about the cabin! Typically after I eat, but also sometimes right before I go to sleep or at around 3 in the morning. The kicks don't bother me though, I sleep better knowing he's content in there. :) It’s so surreal to me that I’ll be a mom any day now!!

How Is My Body Holding Up

I am still very lucky with how my  body has handled this pregnancy. I have had very few symptoms and overall this pregnancy has been a complete joy to experience. However, now that I am getting closer to the end, a few new symptoms have arrived that have been a little bothersome for me. The most annoying is continuing to wake up every 2 hours to go to the bathroom at night. The most painful symptom I started experiencing are leg cramps at night which started around week 30, usually when I'm already asleep and I wake up to an awful charley horse multiple times a week if not a night. A remedy for this is to drink more water, which in turn means more bathroom trips LOL so I'm in a bit of a pickle with these two symptoms but it's a small price to pay and I know it could always be worse! Around week 31 I had really bad back pain that wouldn’t quit but I think it was a pinched nerve due to his positioning because it only lasted a week and I haven’t really had issues with it since which I am grateful for because it was super frustrating! So despite those small nuisances, I’d say I’m in pretty good shape!

What I Am Most Looking Forward To About Labor 

Okay so this might sound a little strange to be looking forward to labor, but it's not what you might think. Rather it's the moment immediately after he enters the world and they plop him right on my chest! That is the moment I daydream about the most. Holding him in my arms and seeing what our love has created. I really look forward to that moment and I just know I am going to be a blubbering mess over it! I also look forward to our first Target trip together. lmao I am not sure if that’s weird or not but I love going to Target and I look forward to taking him there and showing him around. :) It’s little things like that I day dream about the most when thinking about our son being here and how wonderful it’ll be to finally hold him in my arms.

Gender Wives Tales That Were True For Me

So I thought it would be fun to compare some of the wives tales to my own experience! So as you know I am having a boy, the blood test and ultra sound tech confirmed this but before we knew what we were having, I liked to look at the wives tales to try and guess what we were having. These are some of them:

If you are having a boy: 

  • Your skin is better than ever (this is true for me! My skin is the clearest it's been in a long time!)

  • Your baby's heartbeat is less than 140bpm (not true for me! Baby's heart beat was 150bpm at our last appt.)

  • You crave salty foods or meat. (This is very true for me! I normally am a sweets girl but lately I've been loving salty chips and plenty of protein)

  • You're carrying low (not true for me. Although I am carrying low now because he is starting to drop, the majority of this pregnancy I carried high)

  • You sleep on your left side (I actually prefer to sleep on my right side!)

  • Your belly is rounder like a basketball (This is true for me!)

  • Chinese calendar also said I would have a boy and it was obviously correct!

Or if you're having a girl:

  • Dad maintains his weight or stays fit (This is true of my hubby!)

  • You gain most of your weight in your belly (I feel like this is true for me, but my face is also rounder lol)

  • You're still graceful (I'm not sure I was ever very graceful LOL)

So that is where I am at wrapping up the third trimester! I am so excited to meet our son and introduce you all to him!! Thanks for stopping by!