Baby's First Easter Basket

Well hello there! It’s been a while! Life with a baby is no joke and finding the time to do anything other than keeping him alive is tough work! But! Easter is right around the corner and so I’ve been brainstorming ideas on what to get Ryder for his first Easter! Since he will be just shy of 5 months by the time Easter rolls around, I wanted to get him practical gifts and I thought some of you might be interested in what I picked for him! I have of course included sources for you in case you want to get your little Easter bunny some of the same things! So lets hop right to it! ;)

The Basket:


So originally I had picked out a more traditional basket but the one I wanted was sold out and I didn’t want to wait too long since personalization can take a while sometimes. But I really like how this one is a little more fun and laid back! It’s the perfect size to put all of Ryder’s goodies inside and the quality is great so this will be his one and only basket that I’ll use until he’s too old for Easter baskets… but I already know I’m going to be the mom who gifts him an Easter basket until he’s in college, but he’ll appreciate it I think! I just love all the holidays!!!

What’s Inside:


The first item I bought was the carrot button down shirt. (This print also comes in a dress and romper as well!) I plan on having him wear that for Easter with the adorable little moccasins. Some people think baby shoes are a waste, and I mean, they kind of are since he’s not walking or even crawling yet, but they were cheap and super cute and will complete his look! So I said “why not? It’s Easter!” and added them to my cart! lol Since I loved the carrot shirt so much, I decided to also buy the matching rattle and swaddle set. The print was too cute and I liked how the swaddles are nice and lightweight which will be great for spring and summer! And since we will be celebrating Easter with my family and my hubby’s, I got him a bow tie onesie as well so he has two different outfits to celebrate! Other little goodies I included is an organic blue bunny teether (which also comes in pink and green!), a reversible bib, and an Easter book. Ryder already has a Llama Llama book and even though he’s not quite old enough to understand the story, I think he will enjoy it when he is a little older. They are cute books if you haven’t read them before!

So that is everything in his basket this year! I think he will be as happy with my selections as I am! Hopefully it helped give you some ideas for your basket(s) too and I hope you all have a great Easter with your family!


Personalized Basket
Carrot Shirt

Carrot Rattle

Bow Tie Onesie

Swaddle Set


Bunny Teether


Bib is from Meijer

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