No-Mess Finger Painting For Kids

I remember as a kid I loved painting in art class, but as an adult I know how messy it can be and with a little one, it seems like more of a hassle than it’s worth. I wanted to give Ryder the experience of painting while keeping it mess-free for me. Now this idea is in no way original to me, I have Pinterest to thank for the no-mess finger painting idea but I wanted to share with you all how Ryder enjoyed it and how it all turned out!

The supplies you’ll need:

  • 1-Canvas (I used a 6x6)

  • Paints (I used 3 different colors in varying shades of blue)

  • 1-Ziploc  bag to put the canvas in. (I used a gallon sized bag.)

Ryder getting ready to paint!

So to start, I placed dots of various sizes and colors on the canvas. Doesn’t matter how you do it because they will get smeared anyways!

Next you’ll put the painting in the ziploc bag and get as much air out as you can without smudging all the paint and then zip it up and hand to your little one to create their masterpiece!

Ryder had a lot of fun playing with the paint and it’ll be a fun little keepsake for when he is older! I plan on putting it in his room on his bookshelf for now. Or maybe I’ll put it in Brian’s office! Either way, it’s a fun little craft to do with your little one and I definitely recommend it! And the best part is, it cost me less than $10 in supplies. Ryder was real proud of his work and happy to show it off once it was dry!