Pottery Barn Dining Room Mood Board


My next design project is actually one for our own home! Currently our living room is unused and filled with our dingy old college furniture that we have yet to get rid of… Well we are almost 30 now and have been out of college for 6 years so it’s time to turn our unused room into a formal dining room! I am so excited to get started on this project and so I wanted to share with you the dining room mood board I created. Pottery Barn is my favorite home decor store store and majority of the pieces are from PB. Although some of the items are pricier, you do get what you pay for in my opinion and this will be an investment for us. I don’t plan on ever buying another dining set again after this one…at least I know my husband won’t let me! lol! So while it is a splurge, it’s something that can become a sort of family heirloom and that is why I chose a more traditional and classic design; something that can be passed on after we are gone.

The gorgeous extending farm table seats up to 12 which is perfect for hosting at the holidays and the creamy tones in the rug, drapes, and chairs are light and airy without being too trendy. And it wouldn’t be me without a little sparkle in the chandelier! I am also a wine drinker and the wine barrel drink dispensers are something I invested in a couple years ago during an awesome Premier Day sale. They are no longer available but I knew that they would go in my dining room whenever I finished it. So I am super excited to finally get those up too!

Before I get started on this project I need to pick out a paint color. Currently the room is painted Oat Straw by Benjamin Moore which I do like, however it’s a little too dark and tan for my current taste so I plan on picking something much lighter and more griege to pull out the grays in the rug. Once we get the room painted I will get the new furniture in and eventually have the chandelier installed! So stay tuned within the next couple of months to see how the project comes along. My goal is to have the space finished by Thanksgiving. So wish me luck!