Plan The Perfect Fall Picnic

Apple picking, bonfires and pumpkin patches are some of the best fall activities we do every year but have you ever considered a cozy fall picnic? Thanks to cooler temperatures and the beautiful changing of leaves, fall makes for a perfect time to cozy up in the great outdoors with some wine and your significant other! A couple weeks ago Brian and I had ourselves a picnic outside and I wanted to share with you what all I packed so you too can have a cozy picnic for two! 

The Essentials                       

  • picnic basket

  • wine

  • cheese board

    • crackers

    • mixed nuts

    • prosciutto

    • assorted cheeses

    • rosemary for garnish

  • cozy blankets & pillows

Fun Extras

  • fresh flowers

  • twinkle lights

  • serving tray

  • straw bales

  • pumpkins

  • lanterns

  • camera

  • book

  • music