6 Ways To Decorate With Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner but there is still time to add some cute Easter flair to your designs. I am a big fan of Easter eggs; they are a fun and inexpensive way to add some cheer to your decorating and they come in all sorts of colors and designs.  Read on for 6 fun ways to decorate with plastic Easter eggs! 


1. Use the eggs as a filler. Plastic Easter eggs are a great way to fill empty spots or add extra dimension to your decor. I like to place them randomly around the house or mix them in with my vignettes like in the picture above. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to use eggs as a filler, just set them and go. I like to place a couple in groups and others are on their own. Play around with the location of the eggs and you'll create a fun effortless look. 

2. Fill hurricane glass with eggs. For this look, I filled a hurricane glass with some Easter grass so I didn't have to use as many eggs. Then I added plastic eggs of various colors for a fun and cheerful display. This is a super simple design and would look great anywhere around the house or even in your Easter dinner tablescape design. 

3. Mini vignettes. If you have a random spot or two in your house that is kind of awkward and not quite big enough for a bigger display, make a mini vignette! In my kitchen I have an awkward corner that doesn't give me much room for decorating, so I like to create little vignettes like the one above to help fill the space without being overwhelming. I used the Easter grass again and displayed a cute sign I got at TJ Maxx and added a few eggs to complete the look. 

4. Fill a random item with eggs. This tea cup in my kitchen is actually a candle holder but I thought it would look really cute with eggs inside of it! This is another example of eggs as a filler. Since plastic Easter eggs are so cheap, I like to buy a bunch and have them in every room. 

5. Put eggs inside a cloche. I found this mini cloche a couple years ago at Bath & Body Works to put my mini candles in but I decided to add an egg to the cloche this year and I think it looks so cute! If you have a larger cloche, you can add some of the Easter grass or even some sheet moss and neutral colored eggs for a more whimsical farmhouse look. The possibilities are endless! 

6. Easter centerpiece. To take your Easter tablescape to the next level, make a fun centerpiece for your table. I used a pretty serving bowl and added this cute little rabbit and filled the rest of the bowl with eggs. This is a playful and fun look at would look great in the middle of your Easter dinner design. 

Thanks for checking out my post! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter filled with laughter, delicious food, and plenty of Reese's eggs! Feel free to leave a comment below!