What's that? A Juju Hat!

Recently I won a giveaway on Instagram, (yes people actually win those!) and the item I won is called a juju hat. Now I'll be honest, when I entered the giveaway, I didn't actually know what a juju hat was. I had seen them in the homes of some of the home decor blog pages I follow, but other than that, I really didn't know what they were about. So when I won, I was very surprised and also intrigued to learn more about what I had won.

So what exactly is a juju hat? It is a headdress made of Bamileke feathers from Cameroon in central Africa. Although it is called a hat, you don't actually wear it on your head, rather it goes on the wall as a beautiful accent. The company that provided the juju to me is called Juju Boutik  and they have a handful of other colors you can choose from and even will make a custom order for you. I won the size small sweet cream color and I am obsessed with how it looks and how perfectly it blended with my style. Although the juju has a global feel to it, it can easily mix in with other styles for an effortless look that adds texture, style, and culture to your home decor. It looks great in bedrooms, home offices, above fireplaces, basically anywhere in the home would work. I am definitely a new fan of the juju hat but I would love to hear what you think about it in the comments below! Would you rock a juju hat in your home or do you already own one?