Prepare Your Guest Bathroom With This Must Have

If you're like me and love to host, it's important to make your guests feel welcome and at home, especially if they are planning a weekend stay. Lets focus on the guest bathroom specifically. Of course everyone knows the obvious must-haves to ensure their guests are comfortable: fresh towels, a hamper, soaps, a recently cleaned bathroom, or maybe even fresh flowers. But one thing people tend to forget is a extra toiletries.

My husband is notorious for taking the travel size shampoos, conditioners, and body washes whenever we stay at a hotel and it got to the point where we had so many that I wasn't sure where to put them all! I found a pretty jar I wasn't using and decided to add them to it and leave it in our guest bathroom for our guests to use as they please. Other than the shampoos and conditioners, I added extra floss, tooth brushes, travel-size toothpastes, lotions, mouth wash, basically anything my guest might've left at home and may need during their stay. 

There are plenty of ways to display the extra toiletries in your guest bathroom; you could use an apothecary jar like I did, a wire or wicker basket, a wide mouthed vase, unique bowl, a mason jar, basically anything around your house that will fit your bathroom decor will work. It's a simple touch like this that your guests will really appreciate and will remind them of how great of a host you are!