Style It: A Pretty and Feminine Reading Nook

If you didn't hear, yesterday was National Pink Day! In my opinion it should be a national holiday but I'm not sure why they haven't gotten around to making that happen... anywho, so in celebration of National Pink Day I felt inspired to share with you some pictures of the reading nook I styled in my loft office. The focal point is my pale pink wingback chair with a beautiful nailhead design. My husband Brian bought this chair for me for Valentine's Day after he saw me instantly fall in love with it! I mean, who wouldn't want a pink chair for Valentine's Day? ;) All of these pieces are from TJ Maxx except the Bath and Body Works candle which is the cinnamon spiced vanilla scent from their White Barn collection.

For the space I wanted to keep it simple. I love this chair not only because it's pretty, but it's also comfortable! It's important to remember you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. You can have your cake and eat it too! I also added the white faux fur rug to add some extra texture and warmth to the space. Plus the soft fur feels great on your feet and looks glamorous. Since the nook is rather small, I added the little end table which is the perfect size: just big enough for the essentials. When styling my table I kept with the golden ratio of design: the rule of three. To balance out a space, grouping elements in three's creates visual harmony and equal weighting in your design. You'll notice that the three objects I chose are of various heights and widths which balance out the table and create a cohesive look. It's as simple as that to create a space all your own that is comfortable and accommodating as well as beautiful. 

Enjoy the shots below of my pretty and feminine reading nook and get inspired to style your own little nook of the house! There is even a shot of Harley who I am convinced is trying to start his modeling career...