How To Impress With Breakfast In Bed

My husband Brian works so hard for our little family; every day he goes in early and stays longer than he needs to make sure everything is running smoothly before he heads home for the day and always manages to come home in a good mood. When I say I am lucky to have a husband like him, I truly mean it! So to show him a little appreciation, I made him breakfast in bed to remind him just how much I love him and appreciate all he does for us. Breakfast in bed is a simple way to show your love, and everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! What better way to show you care than by staying in bed a little longer on a rainy morning while eating breakfast?! 

It's super simple to prepare your breakfast in bed, the hardest part is doing the cooking really, lol. I chose pancakes because Brian loves them (and because we were out of bacon lol!). We buy the Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix and they are soo yummy and healthy (Well unless you're like me and douse them in syrup... hehe)! Keep in mind, it's important to use a tray that is large enough to fit everything comfortably so things don't get knocked over by accident. For drinks, I chose milk and coffee for Brian. He loves coffee so much so this one was a no brainer. You could also choose a juice like apple or orange, or even make a mimosa if you've got champagne! To tie it all together and add a "room service" kind of feel, I added a small vase and flower. It's a little gesture like this that shows you are thinking of the details and want to make this breakfast extra special. It's as easy as that to whip up a breakfast in bed and not only is your display pretty, but also yummy! Enjoy! 

Below I shared a couple of pictures of our cozy breakfast in bed. Try it out for your significant other, or even for yourself (treat yo self!). Happy eating, and feel free to leave me a comment below and subscribe for more posts like this!

Edit: 10/10 would recommend listening to Jack Johnson's song Banana Pancakes while eating breakfast in bed. ;)