Fall Window Box Styling

Summer is officially over, but that doesn't mean that it's time to put up your gardening gloves! Fall planting is not only amazing because of the beautiful warm colors, but the cooler weather also makes it easier on the gardener and the plants, plus less heat means less watering which to me, is the best perk! So today I want to share with you how you can style your fall window boxes! I love window boxes because the more color the better. I've always been inspired by cottage style homes with abundant gardens and cascading window boxes and so when we bought our home, I knew I had to have some! 

So the main guideline to follow for window box planting, and you may have already heard of this before, is to "thrill, fill, and spill". This is the simplest way to remember what style of plants will look best in your window box. So lets break it down: 


To add some thrill to my window box, I planted a dracena spike in the back for extra height and added a bright burgundy celosia in the front. (Fun fact: for our fall wedding, my husband and the groomsman all had celosia in their boutonnieres!) The combination of these two draws your eyes to the window and makes a big statement. Another fall plant you could use to add thrill is purple fountain grass, but keep in mind this spreads quickly and can overpower your box if you let it go. 


To fill the space, I planted pansies on both sides. I love the cheery colors of pansies and how they are low maintenance. To add an extra pop of color, I got creative with two small pumpkins. I actually used kebab skewers and "planted" the pumpkins behind the pansies. The pumpkins add a fun and unexpected element to your window box. Other plants you can use to fill include flowering kale (which is not recommended to eat btw), violas, mums, asters, and black eyed susans. 


So for the spill accent of my flower box, I chose to use decorative cabbage (also not recommended to eat lol). Cabbage could also be used as a fill, but I chose to angle it just right to where it was slightly spilling over the edge. We have large hydrangeas under the flower box so I personally didn't want something that spilled too much and the cabbage was a great choice. Other spill flowers include sweet asylum, heuchera, or ivy.  

And there you have it: your guide to fall window box planting! Have you started your window boxes? Keep in mind, this guideline is also perfect for container planting too. Happy planting! 


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