Easter Table Setting

Wow! How is Easter already 2 weeks away!? Easter is such a fun holiday because it's just starting to get warm out again, you get to dress up and feel fancy and everyone is in an overall great mood! Not to mention plenty of ham and those lamb shaped cakes! (Which, does anyone actually eat those or are they just for looks? Asking for a friend...) Anywho, I wanted to share with you my Easter table setting design and hopefully inspire you while setting your own Easter table! Getting started can seem a little overwhelming at first but really there isn't much to it! I will share with you the steps I took to putting my table together as well as list sources at the end of my post!

  • So to start your table, you'll want to pick out a runner. For this table, I actually used two scarves of mine (from high school! lol) and one of them is more of a darker purple and green. Originally I was just going to use that but it felt too dark next to the white plates, so I draped the sheer white one over it and it really helped tone the color down and look more cohesive to the rest of the table. So really there is tons of room for creativity when picking a runner! You can also buy one that is a little more structured too if you aren't a fan of the whimsical feel the scarves give off and want more of a traditional look.


  • Next are your placemats or chargers. I chose placemats because these are ones I already owned and didn't want to buy new ones, plus these had more of a relaxed feel to them which was the look I was going for! Again, if you're looking for a more traditional look, chargers will be a better fit for your table.


  • So once you've chosen your placemats you'll want to set the dinner plates on top of them. I chose plates with a scroll design that I think add a subtle texture to the look. I also used these dinner plates in my fall table design which you can see here. Keep in mind you won't want to use plates with a super busy pattern on them, rather you'll want to let the salad plate do the talking! For my salad plates I chose these adorable bunny plates that are soo cute! Since they came in a four pack, I chose to buy two separate salad plates with a spring-wildflower print for the head seats of the table.


  • Next will be cloth napkins and ring holders. I like to use cloth napkins for holidays and special occasions because it gives a special feel to the dinner and they help complete the look of the table. For napkin rings, again, creativity is welcome! If you don't want to buy napkin rings, you can make a bow out of ribbon or simply place the napkins under the plates like I did here.


  • Now for the real fun part: the decorating! For my table I chose to put a bowl in the middle and fill it with Easter grass and eggs and set a straw bunny in the middle. It's simple and cute and ties into the bunny plate theme. There are plenty of uses for plastic Easter eggs which you can read more about here. Since my table isn't very large, I decided the simple centerpiece and egg holders was enough. Other centerpiece options you can use include fresh flowers, hurricane vases filled with eggs, basically anything you like!

So that's it! See? It really isn't too bad! Once you get started it will all start coming naturally to you and you'll be proud to show off your table to your guests this Easter. This year we will be getting together with my side of the family to celebrate and I am looking forward to seeing everyone! I would love to hear in the comments below what you'll be up to this Easter and if you plan on setting the table for your Easter meal!



Bunny Salad Plates

Dinner Plates

Carrot Napkin Rings

Placemats/Napkins: TJ Maxx

Table Runner: These are actually two scarves I owned.

Egg Holders/Eggs: Target Dollar Spot